Why does PRIMARY cotton have colour?
Cotton naturally has a colour much like humans having different hair colours. Commercial Cotton, which is traditionally white achieves this colour by going through bleaching and dyeing processes.
Is PRIMARY cotton coloured cotton?
Yes. PRIMARY cotton is a variation of coloured cotton. Traditionally, coloured cotton has a much smaller fibre and is unpractical for clothing manufacturers. Over the years, we have improved the breed of the coloured cotton and have been able to achieve a quality that is of use with clothing manufactures. PRIMARY cotton has a longer fibre averaging around 32mm, which is longer than most common types of cotton grown around the world. Longer fibres make cotton stronger in strength and softer in touch.
What is PRIMARY cotton?
PRIMARY cotton is the marketing brand name for coloured cotton in UK. The PRIMARY name is derived from the term Primary Colour, which is the term used for the origins of all colours. Primary cotton is also one of the ancient breeds of cotton and is recognised by brands across the world as premium.